ASTM D 2665

We are regularly into the business of manufacturing UPVC (Rigid) pipes. The PVC compound meets the requirements of Class 12454 (ASTM D 1784) which is used to be produced Rigid by Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) compound.
U-PVC pipes are signified to be used for Sewage / Drainage and Vent System. It meets the requirements of ASTM D 2665 (American Society for Testing and Materials).

NFPU-PVC Pipe Properties

  • Easy Installation
  • Light Weight, Ease of Handling and Maintenance
  • Friction free characteristics
  • Resistance towards corrosion caused by acid, salt, oil, alkalis, moisture etc.
  • Weather Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Durability

NFP ASTM Standard Pipe is categorized as follows:

Category Application
Schedule 40 For Drain, Waste & Vent networks etc.,

NFP U-PVC Pipes Handling & Storage

  • When off-loading, pipes should be lowered, not dropped to the ground, care being taken to ensure that pipes do not fall one upon another and care must be taken to avoid contact with any sharp edges, nor on to any hard or uneven surfaces.
  • UPVC pipes prefer to be stored to avoid ultra violet (UV) degradation from the sun light.
  • Pipes should not be stacked in large piles, might result in deformation & difficult jointing later.
  • For temporary storage in the field, where racks are not provided, the ground should be level and free from loose stones. Pipes stored should not exceed three layers high and stacked to prevent movement.
  • For long-term storage, pipe racks should be provided for size below 6 inch where stored not more than 7 layers or 6ft., (1.8mtrs) whichever is the lesser.

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Application Information

  • The standard length of pipes is 6 meters or as required.
  • Schedule 40 – Pipe color is White or as required.
  • Pipes with one end solvent cement socket or plain end.


Nominal Size(Inch) Average Outside Diameter(mm) Minimum Wall Thick(mm) Nominal Weight(Kg/m) Max. Pressure RatingBar @ 23°C)
1 1/4 42.16 3.56 0.65 25.51
1 1/2 48.26 3.68 0.77 22.75
2 60.33 3.91 1.04 19.31
3 88.90 5.49 2.14 17.93
4 114.30 6.02 3.05 15.17
6 168.28 7.11 5.37 12.41
8 219.08 8.18 8.11 11.03