IMS Policy

We at ‘NATIONAL FACTORY FOR PLASTIC IND. CO. LTD’, as Manufacturer and Supplier of UPVC Pipes recognize Quality & Environmental as an Integral part of our overall business philosophy.

For Implementation of same, we are committed to.

  • Adhere to the requirements of IMS and continually improving the effectiveness of the IMS thereby giving most qualitative, cost effective, consistent services &facilities and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Awareness and compliance to applicable legal and other requirements
  • Achieve sustainable growth through promoting pollution prevention practices and conserving resources with eco friendly & efficient process
  • Provides the framework for established system and annually reviewing the Quality and Environmental Objectives and Targets for continuing suitability
  • Communicated to all persons working or on behalf of the Organization through Records, Direct Interactions, E-mail and Training Programs
  • The document is made available to the Public